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Sevich Wooden Bristle Comb

Sevich Wooden Bristle Comb

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Sevich Wooden Bristle Comb
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    • SEVICH Wooden Bristle Air Cushion Comb Massage Hair Scalp

    Sevich Scalp Massage Wooden hairbrush


    Boar bristle hair can protect your hair, Make your hair smoother and silky. Anti-static design, prevent hair from static damage, make hair healthy. Nylon pinscan stimulate and massage your scalp, accelerate blood circulation. Natural wooden handle for durability, convenient to use

    Wooden bristle comb

    Reduce hair loss hair brush The wild boar bristles absorb impurities, for an anti-static smoothing and gentle brushing without breaking even the most fragile hair.

    Smoother, more anti-static

    These boar bristle hair brush are known for their antistatic qualities and their ability to cleanse the scalp, scalp massager removing impurities and excess natural hair grease.

    Comb out dandruff flakes

    Implant bristles,nylon pins mass the scalp and facilitate a gentle detangling of your hair.

    Avoid hair knotting and breakage

    wooden comb with gasbag The air cushion is made of natural rubber, allowing the brush to fit the shape of your head and constantly adjust the pressure exerted on your hair and scalp for hair scalp massage.