May 30, 2023

Summer sun exposure is strong, many people know that the skin should be sunscreen, but the direct hair UV is also very arrogant, hair is also easy to cause health problems due to excessive sun exposure. Does hair also need sunscreen? The answer is yes, sunscreen is also a key part of summer hair care.

Ultraviolet radiation is strong, and the harm to hair is very great. First of all, we should understand the impact of ultraviolet radiation on hair. Generally speaking, the health risks caused by excessive sunlight exposure to hair are mainly as follows:


1.Dry hair: Summer intense sun, will make the hair cortex lose moisture, water control reduced, hair will become dry and coarse.


2.Hair easy to break: long-term ultraviolet radiation will reduce the anti-physical ability of hair, easy to split and break.


3.Hair lack of elasticity: Due to photosynthesis, the hair protein due to photolysis, like withered grass lost elasticity and luster.


4.Lightening hair color: After just one day in the hot sun, the hair color will lose 40 percent, making the hair color significantly yellow.

Now that you know what the sun does to your hair, let's talk about how to protect your hair from the sun in summer. It is suggested that we start from the following aspects to solve the problem of summer hair sunscreen.


Effectively protecting your hair from the sun can't be done with a bottle of sunscreen. You should choose the right hair products for you and your personal problems according to your hair's needs and lifestyle. This is similar to how you choose products based on your skin condition. The demand for cleaning and care products is also higher in summer. So be sure to choose the appropriate professional hair care products according to your personal situation.